Who are we?

We are a new company that is built with the consumer in mind. We do not want your money, so we do not have hidden fees or backout fees. We do not even want you to pay us until you have seen the website and you like it.

Sadly, we know there are people out there who will go to the most extreme lengths to get free things, so once the website has started development, you have a 2 day period to cancel it. Once that is over, you will be required to pay. You will not be required to pay until your website is the way you like it though!

What do we do?

We make you websites! We have the best prices (you can check yourself!) and we make some of the best, high quality websites you can find. The best part, you do nothing! (exept tell us what your website should look like of course) web builders like wix and wordpress can be difficult to use, and actual HTML, CSS, and JS code is even more difficult. That is why we do it for you.

How it works.

Go to our pricing options, then find the plan that sounds the best to you. Click the sign up button, enter the required information, and click send. I will respond as soon as possible and I can start building you a website. The price you see on the plan is once, and it happens after I build your website. We take cash or paypal at the moment. After that, I will transfer ownership of the website, and the domain name. The only fee you have after that is the monthly or yearly fee of keeping the domain name up. Thats it!

What else?

Nothing else! After that, its all yours! Enjoy our website and enjoy yours too!