Why should I have Wills Wonderful websites build my website instead of myself?

We are still learning and growing and hope to have a future in web development. Our team just needs the practice, and, frankly the money! We do the best possible and have the best customer service out there!

Can I make my website look like anything I want, even with the cheapest plan?

Absolutly! The only thing that changes with the different plans are the quality, responsivness, and overall effort. We are not saying we won't make it look nice, but with the cheapest plan you will not have a really responsive design, and will have the minimum ammount of developers working with you.

Why does the website look funky?

Well, thats a good question. If you just happened to be on a device that we have not accounted for with our media querys and responsive device, I am sorry. We try our best to make our website look as good as possible and as responsive as possible, but no one is perfect! Most likely though, this does not apply to you!

Something not answered?

If there is a question you need to ask us, go to contact us at the bottom of the page. If you think your question should be on the faq, tell us so and we will add it! Thank you so much for choosing us! Enjoy